Prostatepedia is a channel for prostate cancer experts to speak directly to patients about their work and its implications. We began in 1996 as an educational tool called Prostate Forum for Dr. Snuffy Myer’s Second Opinion Clinic at the University of Virginia.

Over the years, our loyal family of subscribers relied on Dr. Myers’s no-nonsense analysis of current approaches to prostate cancer. Many of our members went on to become his patients when he opened his clinic, American Institute for Diseases of the Prostate, in 2001. In late 2013, we began to engage other leading prostate cancer experts in a behind-the-scenes dialogue about prostate cancer.

Today, our monthly journal features informal conversations with leading urologists, medical oncologists, radiation therapists, and other health care professionals about the evolving arena of prostate cancer.

In late 2015, we changed our name to Prostatepedia to reflect our new direction.