POSTED: July 26, 2018

Dr. William Hall On Why He Became A Doctor

webWilliamHallDr. William Hall is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Prostatepedia spoke to him about why he became a doctor

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Dr. William Hall: I never thought I was going to become a doctor. I was a biomedical engineer. I had a real passion for science, engineering, and programming. I also liked biology as a concept and as applied to helping people.

It wasn’t until the beginning of my senior year in college that I started to think about medical school. And it wasn’t until I began working as a biomedical engineer that I ultimately changed my career trajectory and went to medical school. I started my career as a biomedical engineer, and I pretty quickly realized that it didn’t give me the direct human interaction or tangible benefits that I desired in my work.

I tremendously enjoy being a doctor because I love science, and I love the applications of science. I like cool new science, and I love interacting with patients. Those two things make my job tremendously rewarding and fun. That’s really what got me here.

Join us to read Dr. Hall’s comments on precision radiation therapy for prostate.

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