POSTED: August 25, 2016

Patient Conference: Sept 9-11 in LA

Dr. Snuffy Myers talks about his upcoming presentation at PCRI’s annual patient conference in Los Angeles next month. Register to attend! Purchase transcripts of previous videos...

POSTED: June 29, 2016

Aspirin + Prostate Cancer

Dr. Snuffy Myers talks about aspirin + prostate cancer. Purchase transcripts of this and/or previous videos by...

POSTED: September 04, 2015

Xtandi + PCa Remissions

Dr. Snuffy Myers discusses Xtandi's role in complete, durable prostate cancer remissions.

POSTED: September 04, 2015

Does Cancer Ever Disappear?

Dr. Myers discusses AIDP's active surveillance program.

POSTED: September 04, 2015

Penile Shortening Post-RP

This week Dr. Snuffy Myers talks about the penile shortening that happens so often post-RP.