POSTED: September 28, 2015

Testosterone Levels + Hormonal Therapy

Dr. Snuffy Myers talks about testosterone levels during hormonal therapy, as discussed by Dr. Laurence Klotz and Dr. Daniel Suzman  in the September 2015 issue of Prostatepedia. Subscribe to Prostatepedia....

POSTED: September 04, 2015

ADT When You’re Over 80?

In this video, Dr. Myers talks about hormonal therapy, aging, and prostate cancer. (To view past posts,...

POSTED: September 04, 2015

Bone Loss & ADT

In this video, Dr. Myers discusses bone loss and hormonal therapy for prostate cancer. (To view past...

POSTED: September 04, 2015

Question Of The Week: Proscar Versus Avodart

In this week's vlog post, Dr. Myers discusses which he prefers--Proscar or Avodart.