POSTED: March 08, 2016

Prostate Cancer Drug Side Effects

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Prostate Cancer Drug Side Effects

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Joe Smith

Wow A whole video on side effects of supplements and zero about side effects of cancer drugs. Many of us are much more severely impacted by cancer drug side effects. I was hoping that this video had information on cancer drug side effects not an anti supplement rant that while needed and probably truthfully does nor address that big problems of patients with cancer drug side effects.

Is talking realistically about cancer drug side effects taboo??


Posted: Jun 30, 2016

Rob White

I have been on Lupron for almost three years. I get horrible hot flashes (even with medicine to take care of them) , depression and thoughts of wanting to take my life . I wish my doctor would give me something else but with stage 4 Gleason 9 he assures me this is keeping me alive . I do not feel I have a very good quality of life .I hope others do not feel as bad as I do.

Posted: Mar 10, 2016

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