POSTED: September 04, 2015

Fish Versus Flax For Heart Health & PCa

This week a reader asks Dr. Myers:

I eat flaxseed oil to control my heart disease. If I stop taking it won’t I run into trouble?

For more information about heart health and prostate cancer, read Prostate Forum Volume 10 # #11.

For more about fish versus flax read the chapters Flaxseed As a Source of Omega 3s, Fish=Best Way to Get Omega 3s, How Much DHA/EPA You Actually Need, and The Best Fish Oil Supplements in our book Flaxseed: Panacea or Poison?

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Why so many questions on flax: because we’ve gotten such a large volume of questions on the subject from vlog readers, Prostate Forum readers, and patients. Which is why we came out with our book, Flaxseed: Panacea or Poison….

Fish Versus Flax For Heart Health & PCa

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