POSTED: September 04, 2015

Question of the Week: Avodart & Heart Problems?

This week a Prostate Forum reader asks:

What do you think about the recent studies linking Avodart to heart problems?

For more information about Avodart’s role in Dr. Myers’s proactive growth arrest program, read Prostate Forum Vol 11 # 10.

To find out why the focus on Proscar’s and Avodart’s effect on PSA production in metastatic cancer is a remnant from an older way of viewing prostate cancer that has now been discredited, download Prostate Forum Volume 11 # 8.

Finally, for more information on the importance of measuring testosterone and dihydrotestosterone while on Proscar or Avodart download Prostate Forum Volume 11 # 7.

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Avodart & Heart Problems?

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