POSTED: September 04, 2015

Too Many Supplements = Aggressive Prostate Cancer?

Here’s a question a patient asked, which I answered in Prostate Forum Volume 14 Number 8. I get so many questions about supplements–both for prostate cancer and general health–I thought some of you might be interested.

Dear Dr. Myers: Is extensive intake of supplements (over 100 ) ever associated with aggressive prostate cancer? Is it well documented?

My answer: I am not aware of any such association. However, there is no conceivable rationale for taking 100 supplements. My head aches thinking of all of the possible toxic interactions. There is also the issue of poor quality control in parts of the supplement industry. Finally, there are not even close to that number with any conceivable value in the treatment of prostate cancer. You really should be asking why you feel compelled to do something this ill-advised. I also imagine this would be very expensive. I would note that the Internet is full of bogus claims for various supplements with anticancer activity that would never survive any careful review.

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