POSTED: September 04, 2015

Dr. Mack Roach On The Pivot Study

As many of you know, Dr. Myers was particularly interested in the results of the recent PIVOT trial by the Veterans Administration. You can listen to his thoughts here.


We recently had a chance to ask a well-known radiation oncologist, Dr. Mach Roach of UCSF, what he thought of the study. Here’s what he said:


“The problem with the PIVOT study is that it was underpowered and the follow-up was inadequate. But most importantly, of the men with prostate cancer in the study, the majority of them had low risk prostate cancers that were treated in the Veterans Administration. The patients who had intermediate risk and high-risk disease seemed to have had benefit with surgery. Those are the bulk of the patients that we recommend for treatment. But the message, the conclusion of the PIVOT trial, was essentially that radical prostatectomy really wasn’t beneficial. But that just isn’t really what their own data suggests.”

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