POSTED: September 04, 2015

Almeida Follow-up On Carbon-11 Acetate PET/CT Scan

Last month, we spoke with Dr. Fabio Almeida about the Carbon-11 Acetate PET/CT scan. (See Dr. Fabio Almeida: Carbon-11 Acetate PET/CT Scan and Prostate Forum Volume 15 # 5.)

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Almeida published an original study in the December issue of UroToday regarding a segment of his work on the Carbon-11 Acetate. You can read the abstract here.

Dr. Almeida tells us that: “In summary, we did a formal comparison of multiple timepoint Carbon 11-Acetate PET/CT imaging and found that early imaging was superior to later imaging for areas of metastatic disease (peri-prostate, nodes and bone). We also reviewed our detection rates using early imaging in the larger group of patients we have studied thus far (300). Interestingly, when we compared to other studies from Europe and the US, accounting for timing of imaging and mean PSA, those studies with early imaging performed better than studies where longer time to imaging was employed, further confirming our findings, with Carbon 11-Acetate showing consistent high overall detection rates (82-85%) in this context. Our comparison to Carbon 11-Choline detection rates are also showing Carbon-11 Acetate to be generally superior, particularly in the low PSA ranges. Optimizing the imaging protocol in this way appears to help us achieve the best results possible with this Carbon 11-Acetate.”

You can learn more about Dr. Almeida at the Arizona Molecular Imaging Center.

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